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GORUCK Firearms Personal Security Detail - Italy

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Personal Security Detail is a unique training course that will address some of the most common concerns associated with using your personal defensive weapon around innocents. In a real-world scenario, you would have extreme stress and crowds of innocent people to negotiate through, two difficult things to simulate in a controlled training environment. We will use dry and live fire to help accustom students to stressful environments. This course provides confidence building and real solutions to some of the most common threat scenarios involving a firearm and protection of a dignitary. By the end of the course, graduates will have experience using their firearms in small teams engaging the threat, protecting a VIP, and getting him/her to safety.
Personal Security Detail is not recommended for beginners.
Due to the space and safety requirements needed to conduct these events the ranges may be up to a two hour drive from the city listed. Please keep this in mind when making lodging arrangements.
Please be aware that the only way we can offer this level of training locally is to contract with an outdoor gun range. This means that range constraints may dictate the flow of the day. In some cases the range will offer a “shoot house” or similar which we will utilize toward the end of the day.
What to Bring
Eye Protection (sunglasses are fine)
Ear protection (foam in ear or headphone style)
Sturdy Belt (non cloth, must be able to hold up the weight of a pistol and magazine holder)
350 Rounds (9mm if renting our firearms)
Water for all day
Food/snacks for all day
Long Pants
Closed toed shoes
If Using Your Own Firearm, Also Bring
No pocket pistols, revolvers or backup guns
Holster (duty or concealed)
Minimum 3 magazines
Belt Magazine holder that can hold two extra magazines


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La Spezia, Italy
Via Cappelletto, 18 19125 La Spezia Italy

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