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Taormina Film Fest: Sea of Shadows Screening

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Sea of Shadows:
The vaquita, the world's smallest porpoise, is near extinction as its habitat is destroyed by Mexican cartels and Chinese mafia, who harvest the swim bladder of the totoaba fish, the "cocaine of the sea." Environmental activists, Mexican navy and undercover investigators are fighting back against this illegal multi-million-dollar business.
Website: https://vaquitafilm.com/sample-page-2/
Taormina Film Festval:
The Taormina FilmFest is one of the oldest festivals in the world, 65 years old in fact. The festival takes place in a small seaside town on the eastern coast of Sicily, not far from the Etna volcano and some of the most beautiful Greek and Roman ruins still standing. The main evening events are celebrated in the Greek Theatre, a magnificent 2,300 year old open-air theatre that seats 3,000.
In the history of cinema there has never been a period as fertile as the season that Italian Cinema lived between the '50’s and the beginning of the '70’s. It was Italian cinema that created the French Nouvelle Vague (Truffaut and friends wanted to imitate the figures of Rossellini and Visconti), it was Italian cinema that changed the way in which cinema talks about itself (with 8 1\2 by Fellini). At the center of all this has been the Taormina Film Festival, a place of excellence that defined the film season. Taormina is the place where the David di Donatello and the Nastri D’argento Awards were first celebrated.
Almost every great actor, producer or director and many international stars have been on the stage of Teatro Antico, a magical and unique location - from Cary Grant to Marlon Brando, Charlton Heston and Gregory Peck, Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. They have all been guests at the festival in the same years of Mario Monicelli, Alessandro Gassman, Alberto Sordi and Monica Vitti. In more recent years Robert De Niro, Oliver Stone, Jessica Lange, Michael Douglas, Colin Firth, and Tom Cruise, among many others, attended the festival.
The Taormina Film Fest has managed to survive throughout its 65 years of history all the mutations of cinema, and to this day offers numerous film discoveries and one of the most beautiful outdoor theaters of the world, The Greek Theatre.
Website: http://taofilmfest.it


domenica, 30 giugno 2019 dalle 08:00


Taormina, Sicily, Italy
98122 Messina Italy

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