Ventura Future 2019 | Milano

Ventura Future 2019

Cosa c'è in programma?

Following a successful first edition, Ventura Future returns next year to the Milan Design Week (9 to 14 April 2019) at a brand-new central location for its latest edition. And it is packed full of revolutionary, innovative and ground-breaking design focused on future visions.
But in order to realise this, we need your project! Organisation in Design invites all designers, design studios, institutions, academies, companies and labels to enter their best work for the second edition of Ventura Future via our website before 5 December 2018. Do you want to present your projects and designs on a professional and popular platform to a varied international audience? Apply now via!
What are we looking for?
We welcome all applications that celebrate and highlight great design projects or products from labels, studios, companies, academies and individual designers. The exhibition Ventura Future focuses on current and future developments in the field of design. Besides showing the best of contemporary design, Ventura Future will also turn the spotlight on the phenomenon of change. Ventura Future aims to highlight the process behind successful and inspiring design and to show the power of change that is in the hands of designers. With the projects that will be selected, Ventura Future is offering a glimpse into the minds of designers, creating insight into the process that progresses from first ideas to finished work.
For Ventura Future 2019 we are looking forward to welcoming projects that contain and/or excel in the following subjects or categories:
- Innovative concepts that create a better world or will improve our future in a social, economic or cultural way.
- Pioneering design research, projects and prototypes;
- Contemporary design;
- Crossovers between and collaborations with design and other disciplines;
- High level craftsmanship.
Ventura Future + BASE Milano 2019
For the second edition of Ventura Future we have found the perfect partner in BASE Milano. Ventura Future has chosen a close collaboration with the BASE cultural project located in the ex-Ansaldo complex a former industrial area in Milan. BASE Milano is a cultural project aimed at promoting innovation, life-long learning and cross-pollination in the creative industries and will be our host during Ventura Future. Ventura Future will occupy 3500 square metres divided over two floors.


martedì, 09 aprile 2019 dalle 10:00


BASE Milano
20144 Milano Italy

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BASE Milano, Milano

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