6th Intnl Symposium on Modeling in Horticultural Supply Chain | Molfetta

6th Intnl Symposium on Modeling in Horticultural Supply Chain

Cosa c'è in programma?

We envision an event where scientists with different backgrounds will share ideas and solutions and take advantage of mutual contamination in order to increase knowledge and possibly start new cooperations.
The Symposium will serve as a meeting place for research and industry, facilitating the application and dissemination of models throughout the value chain while enhancing knowledge transfer within different application areas.
Intended to cover model applications within the whole horticultural value chain, from production (in greenhouses or open fields) to marketing and distribution, including postharvest handling and food processing: Environmental conditions , Agrometeorology, Ecology and biodiversity, Plant physiology , Plant disease and pest control, Water management, Non-destructive evaluation of quality, Process control, Microbiology and food safety, Logistics and Traceability, Econometrics, Marketing and distribution, Decision support systems.


domenica, 09 giugno 2019 dalle 18:00


Museo Diocesano Molfetta
Via Vescovado 70056 Molfetta Italy

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Research Unit in Postharvest Technology - UNIFG, Molfetta

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