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Drive a Ferrari at Monza - Track Day!

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Who wants to drive a Ferrari? ?Join us on a track day at Monza in Italy ?? (near Milan) in May! Be the envy of all your friends and enjoy the thrill of a lifetime as we drive the famous Variante Ascari, Parabolica and
Lesmo turns in a FERRARI 488 GTB*. You’ll feel the exhilarating force of 670 horsepower - the Ferrari 488 GTB can go from 0 to 100 km/h in 3 seconds. There is no other track as perfect as Monza when it comes to driving powerful and luxurious cars at speeds of over 205 mph /330 km/h. Its bends and straight stretches are the natural theatre to show off your driving skills!
Full instruction, technical briefing, 4 laps in your Ferrari and insurance is all included in your experience as well as a Driving Certificate and celebratory glass of champagne after your drive. *other cars available Lamborghini, Porsche, F3 or even F1 car! #DESTINATIONF1 #ferrari #racecar #exoticcars #luxury #f1 #form


domenica, 19 maggio 2019 dalle 08:00


Monza, Italy
Via Sempione, 9H 20900 Monza Italy

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