31st Annual Cardiologists Conference | Roma

31st Annual Cardiologists Conference

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With lots of success in the previous 3 conferences, Cardiologists 2016 in Berlin, Germany, Cardiologists 2017 in Paris, France and Cardiologists 2018 in Barcelona, Spain, this year we are celebrating the third anniversary of Cardiologists Meeting this July!
As a token of memory, we are conducting the upcoming edition- CME accredited Cardiologists 2019 in the city of history and monuments, ROME, ITALY during June 17-19, 2019 based on the theme: “Insights of Cardiology & Healthcare”.
Cardiologists 2019 mainly emphasizes on-
• Cardiologists
• Clinical Cardiology
• Heart Disease
• Women & Heart Disease
• Hypertension
• Electrocardiography
• Diabetes and Heart
• Cardio – Oncology
• Pediatric Cardiology and Geriatric Cardiology
• Interventional Cardiology
• Nuclear Cardiology
• Sports Cardiology
• Cardiac & Cardiothoracic Surgery
• Cardiac Nursing
• Case Reports on Cardiology
• Entrepreneurs Investment Meet
• Cardiologists Training and Education
We cordially welcome eminent cardiologists, cardiac & cardio-thoracic surgeons, researchers, professors, scientists, nurses, medical students and business professionals to discuss about Clinical Cardiology, Heart Diseases, Hypertension, Electrocardiography, Nuclear Cardiology, Diabetes and the Heart, Sports Cardiology, Cardiac Surgery, Cardiac Nursing and so on, within a single platform for a transitory yet an strong time period for their sharing of knowledge amongst themselves.
Grab your chance to attend this meeting with special offers discussing with your colleagues & availing the CME Credits and also make your memories by visiting the city of ROME
For further details, please follow: https://cardiologists.insightconferences.com/


lunedì, 17 giugno 2019 dalle 09:00


Rome, Italy
Via Giovanni Amendola 00185 Roma Italy

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