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Cosa c'è in programma?

ALthattheatre is a pedagogical programme, a holistic approach to the study of Theatre through the experimental method of ‘resonance training’.
The studies include 2 intensive working stages: first stage is performed from 1st of March to 22nd of April online, and second stage is performed in-class in Sestola from 23d of April to 14th of May.
Online practice will consist of individual lessons and tasks between student and teacher, tailored to bring up the subject of theatre as a whole and to concentrate on individual artistic profile of every student.
Afterwards, in-class practice in Sestola will involve individual lessons, tasks and supervision, common training and lectures, practical exercises on analysis, directing and acting, as well as independent research and rehearsals.
Both online and in-class practice at all stages is lead by Jurij Alschitz and performed by himself and his international team of teachers.
The main aim of these studies for participant is not achieving some sort of acting technique or one or the other aspect of the theatre profession, but first and foremost exploration, enrichment and articulation of the image of his/hers Own Theatre and research of its dualistic connection with The Whole Theatre. In this way, placing the individual research of the student in the centre of these studies, team of teachers through different innovative pedagogical instruments aims to facilitate this thrilling and sophisticated process.
Everyone in any moment of their career can apply. Before you start studying in order to prepare - after school to get ready to find your position in the huge ocean called theatre - in the midst of your career, when questions are piling up about your profession - as experienced artist who realizes, that this will be the end, if you do not risk to start all over.…
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Team of Teachers
The programme is developed and carried out in English by Dr. Jurij Alschitz together with his international team:
Dr. Olga Lapina (Denmark / Lithuania)
Riccardo Palmieri (Italy)
Christine Schmalor (Germany)
Dimitris Tsiamis (Greece)
Staying in Sestola
Sestola provides a variety of accommodation opportunities for its guests from hotel rooms to shared apartments. Since the course takes place during the low season, finding reasonably priced accommodation is not an issue and the organisers can help you with finding/sharing a place that suits your price range and preferences. In the monastery a single is 25€ per day, a double is 30 € per day and a triple 35€ per day. Private apartments in Montecreto start from 300 € per week for doubles.
Sestola’s vicinity to both Bologna and Modena means it is easily accessible by flight or train. Further information about transfers to Sestola will be available closer to the date of arrival.
The tuition fee of the participating artist/student for the 3-week programme is 1.020 €. A reduced fee of 870 € is available for returning students of Jurij Alschitz.
Please remember that the course lasts for 3 weeks and that dates cannot be changed or adapted.
Your application
We aim to select a variety of candidates for the course from different age groups and backgrounds.
The main criteria for selection is the drive and motivation behind your application.
Your input and individual work is just as important as the programme itself. After applying, expect to be invited for a skype interview.
Apply here:
The deadline for applications is 28 of February 2019 but candidates may be selected before this date, therefore please apply at your earliest convenience. Last minute applications will still be considered, but be aware that all participants may already have been chosen.


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