JSOP Europe 2019 - Session 1; The Business of Orthodontics | Verona

JSOP Europe 2019 - Session 1; The Business of Orthodontics

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The Just Short of Perfect Course offers a comprehensive, integrated approach to practice and clinical management. We are all aware that beautiful results are produced every day by orthodontists using a multitude of different brackets, wires, techniques and prescriptions. But, what if you could achieve the same goal in fewer appointments, in fewer months, in less appointment time, with fewer problems and greater profitability? This one-year personalized program consisting of three 4-day sessions, will be held with other practitioners in a small group setting. Learn and share together to maximize your practice performance while achieving a better balance in life!
Session 1; The Business of Orthodontics
Orthodontic Practice Statistics
An Integrated Systems Approach
The 17 Critical Factors of an Orthodontic Practice
Orthodontic System Benchmarking
Prioritizing System Corrections (Improvements)
Strategic Planning
Important Practice Monitors
Many practices us management ideas and concepts, but very few follow them consistently. In this session, you will learn how.


giovedì, 07 febbraio 2019 dalle 09:00


Verona, Italy
Circonvallazione Alfredo Oriani, 10 37122 Verona Italy

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