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Placido Domingo Evening

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Arena Di Verona 2019 Festival is one such event
Arena di Verona still exudes that overwhelming air of spectacle and it has become the very symbol of the city. It is synonymous with world class stylish events.One thing that the Arena is famous for is it’s yearly festival. This has been occurring for almost 100 years, ( this year being the 98th year) and every summer in the Roman amphitheatre, the opera productions all remain fabulous and awe inspiring.
One of the highlights of this amazing festival is:
The festival runs from 21st Jun till 7th Sep 2019 and one of the highlights of this amazing festival is:
Domingo has sung 147 different roles, more than any other tenor in the annals of music, with more than 3600 career performances. Pretty impressive by anyones standards! This is bound to be a hugely popular event!
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Placido Domingo photo by Alexander Zetlitz


domenica, 04 agosto 2019 dalle 20:45


Arena di Verona
37121 Verona Italy

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